Financial Assistance

We provide assistance to help relieve the financial burden caused by a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is offered on an individual basis and patients can reapply each year during active treatment. Click the Patient Application link below to apply. Additionally, you must complete, sign and submit the Patient Information Release Form below. Applicants need to be a resident of Genesee County to qualify. You will be notified from the office upon your doctor's confirmation of your diagnosis. Patients are given an annual amount of money that they may apply to out of pocket expenses from the services listed below . . .

Medical Co-Pays

GCA can help to cover the cost of co-payments for cancer-related appointments and/or treatments. 


Reimbursements available for cancer-related prescriptions and supplies. 



Reimbursement for the cost of miscellaneous products needed or other out of pocket expenses due to cancer treatment is available.


Mileage reimbursement is available for cancer-related appointments/treatments. Note: To be eligible for mileage reimbursement, it is necessary that you have first been approved for financial assistance (refer to “Patient Application” tab above to apply). Click below on the document and click the "arrow icon" in the corner to download a mileage form. 

Mileage Reimbursement Form NEW.pdf

Home Health Care, Equipment, & Supplies

GCA monies can be applied to help cover the cost of home health services, medical equipment purchases or rentals. We also have limited items available for patients to borrow. Funds can be applied to items not covered by health insurance such as compression sleeves, prosthetics or medical supplies. 


The cost of childcare associated with cancer related treatments can be reimbursed. 

Other Services

Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful is a free 1-1 program designed to help cancer patients cope with hair loss by providing wigs and accessories - in addition to the financial assistance offered. Personalized care, including helpful ideas for makeup application and skin care due to the side-effects of cancer treatment, is also offered. Our licensed beauticians and esthetician volunteer their time and are fully trained with many years of experience working with wigs, makeup & skin care. Please contact the office for more information.

*Simply Beautiful is funded in part, by the Batavia Rotary Club and other  donations to the program. 

Biblical Counseling

 Counseling is available through Grace Baptist Church. This is for cancer patients and their families free of charge. This service is designed to offer hope as patients face the challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. For information, contact the church directly at   (585) 343-0729. The church is located at 238 Vine Street, Batavia

Cancer Support Group

   A support group, facilitated by our partner Rochester Regional Health, is held the third Thursday of each month and available to our patients at no charge. This service  is available for patients with any type of cancer.  For information, contact Rochester Regional/Healthy Living at (585) 344-5494.